There are many reasons why you may need our services. You may be upsizing because your family is growing, you may be a first time buyer struggling to get onto the market,

You may need help in finding the right property for you and your family, you may be faced with emptying a family members’ home as a result of them going into long term care or death, you could be emigrating or dealing with a difficult separation or divorce.

You could be an Estate Agent or Landlord looking to add-value to your services.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help. With many years experience in the moving industry, our team of Personal Move Managers have developed a network of tried and tested local suppliers throughout Yorkshire. So if you are looking for a solicitorestate agent, probate specialist, removal companyhouse doctor servicesplumber, gardener, electrician, handymancleaning specialist, pest controller, energy assessor or just someone to look after your pet on moving day we can help.

If you want hands-on, time saving, cost effective solutions to all of your home moving matters contact us now because getting your move sorted really does matter to us…

EMAIL us for further information denise@homemovematters.co.uk or CALL 01964 544 605.

Latest News

kiwi customer

We were delighted to receive an enquiry from a guy in New Zealand regarding clearing a property in Shipley!! He found us on the internet and got in touch as arranging something of that nature from a distance would be expensive just from the phone calls before any other costs are even considered. Preparing properties… [ Read more ]

Denise sets herself a Diamond Challenge!

In this Diamond Jubilee year Denise has taken on her own personal “Diamond Challenge” and PSG Hull will be supporting her by sponsoring her and her chosen charity Action on Hearing Loss when she treks for five days on The Great Wall of China in September. Denise has been partially deaf from a very young… [ Read more ]

Latest Blogs

getting to grips with your wardrobe

We recently cleared a local property ready for sale and were astounded at the amount of clothes and shoes that we had to pack up and remove to our local charity shop.  Some of the items had never been worn and still had the price tags on them. I’m definitely not a hoarder myself and… [ Read more ]

having problems getting anyone to even view your property? – first impressions count…

When you are trying to sell your house you need to put yourself in the place of the potential buyers, walking up to your property for the first time. You want to let them know that your home has been looked after since day one. Maybe they have already looked at several properties, are tired… [ Read more ]

staying put in a slow market

We all know that it’s a tough time to sell property so why not look at improving your home.  The right projects could not only increase your enjoyment of the property but also its value and make for a better sale when the market does pick up. Badly researched improvements could lose you money so… [ Read more ]